6 Best Things To Buy At Dubai International Airport

Dubai is a modern tourist hotspot. Dubai hosts a vast array of luxurious places like JBR, La Rosa VillaNova Dubai, The Dubai International Airport, and many more. Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates is one of the largest and most renowned airports. If you’ve flown much, there’s a fair chance you’ve had at least one stopover flight here. Furthermore, this airport hires almost 90,000 people and plays a significant part in the local economy. Given that it already has among the most expansive duty-free areas we’ve seen, it’s clear why this airport wants so many employees. In the DDF area, visitors can buy branded cigarettes, famous perfumes from the Gifts from Dubai store, and cosmetics products from the MAC store. Down below is a list of things to buy at Dubai International Airport. There are many apartments for sale in dubai just for you.


Without a portion devoted to selling cigarettes, no duty-free market is worth the salt. Fortunately, Dubai Duty-Free knows the interests of foreign travelers and has a wide variety of tobacco choices. Passengers leaving from DXB – Gates A and B, entering from Gates C, or visiting the upper floor through Gates D can find shops offering a variety of affordable and luxury cigarette labels.


The Dubai Airport has a plethora of outstanding restaurants, the majority of which are well-known multinational chains. If you’re looking for a place to get your load of olives and healthy Mediterranean food, go to Ocean Basket. This well-known South African restaurant chain is known for its Greek cuisine, seafood platters, and low prices. For approximately 14 AED, you can get olives or feta, or you can get your olives in a delicious Mediterranean Salsa for approximately the same price.


Liquor can be found in many shops in the Dubai Duty-Free market, which is conveniently situated between the arrival and departure gates, comparable to cigarettes. So if you’re passionate about your booze and want to stock up on the best bottles, Le Clos is the place to go. Expect to spend more than normal, but the extra expense is justified because you’ll be receiving a high-quality product, professional advice, and the chance to shop in a modern and trendy environment. A bottle of Glen Moray 1988 Rare Vintage Whisky costs about 825 AED, a Charles Heidsieck Rose 1985 Champagne costs around 1,150 AED, and a Moet & Chandon MCIII Cuvee Champaign costs about 1,500 AED approximately.

Camel ornaments

The Dubai Airport shopping trip isn’t just about buying branded merchandise, cigarettes, beer, and snacks. In reality, Gifts from Dubai, which supplies a variety of glamorous camel ornaments made from different materials, is a great place to enjoy and buy artistic works. A gold-plated camel will cost you at least around 92 AED, a colorful hand-painted camel will cost you at least around 232 AED, and a handcrafted fur camel will cost you around 330 AED.

Arabic sweets

It would be a bit sad to walk across Dubai Airport without tasting any of the region’s delectable Arabic goodies. The Dubai Duty-Free area, which includes some store that sells chocolates, dried fruits, and nuts, has a large selection of sweets. A 450-gram tin of Dellisse Assorted Baklawa will cost you at least 81 AED, a 500-gram package of Nadiya Al Mealim Arabic candy will cost you at least 88 AED, and a 480-gram box of Dellisse Pearls will cost you around 92 AED.


Perfumes are the ideal present for any person, and duty-free shopping is the cheapest way to get them. Dior, Givenchy, Gucci, Lacoste, and Salvatore Ferragamo are just a few of the famous branded fragrances available at Gifts from Dubai. You must spend your time wisely here and try on a range of different fragrances before choosing what to buy. Emporio Armani She 50ml Perfume costs 271 AED, Carolina Herrera Good Girl Red Edition Collector 80ml Perfume costs 455 AED, and Bvlgari Le Gemme Collection Selima 100ml Perfume costs 987 AED approximately.

The things mentioned above are just a few of the plethora of things you can buy from the Dubai International Airport. With the present pandemic coming to an end, there could be a surge of ex-pats from all over the world arriving in Dubai. Residential units are available in District One, villas for sale In dubai to appeal to their needs and provide them with a perfect lifestyle.