You and your competitors want the same thing within your niche- to appear on the first page of search engine results. While it is challenging to crack Google’s algorithm system, some have successfully found ways to improve search engine page results (SERPs) using various search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. It is all about staying updated with algorithm updates to keep your brand visible to your intended audience. 

Although Google’s algorithm makes the search criteria unpredictable, here are fool-proof ways that will improve your company’s visibility in 2022 and beyond.

Improve site speed

The page-ranking methods of Google are based on improving the user experience. If your site loads fast and performs without hiccups, your audience is more likely to use your page and link it to other websites. Google looks at your core web vitals to determine the speed at which your site performs. A Seattle SEO agency will help you improve all these performance indicators using various optimization strategies. Successful implementation will improve your site speed and bolster your search ranking over time. 

Choose a URL you want to use in the long term

Domain age is not a significant determinant whenever Google ranks websites. However, if you change your URL constantly, your site’s performance on search engines will be affected drastically. Every time you change your URL, all existing links may be broken unless you create proper redirects. Backlinks essentially tell Google that other websites find your website reputable. If your URL receives more backlinks from reputable sites, the more likely that your website will rank higher on Google. Make sure to keep your URL the same, or if you are planning to reconfigure your URL by adding a blog or newsletter, make sure you perform the redirects accordingly. 

Proper use of title tags

The title tag tells search engines exactly what your web pages are about. With this in mind, make sure that each page on your website has a unique title tag. This will give Google the impression that you have unique content on your websites and not merely duplicate content. You can use your keywords strategically by incorporating them into title tags. 

Improve site architecture

Excellent site architecture is characterized by pages organized in the most logical way possible. An SEO Seattle agency can help you create a strategic site architecture that will lead your audience to the deepest part of your site in just three clicks. If your site is not laid out properly, users are more likely to abandon your site. Everything should be easily found on your website. A simple but efficient architecture allows Googles to crawl on your pages faster, resulting in improved search ranking in the long run.


These simple optimization strategies will help your company generate more traffic, drive quality leads, and ultimately increase conversions. With the right SEO tactics in place, your company will slowly but surely enjoy a greater level of authority in your chosen niche.